Are you comfortable when you are in your own home?  Do you have any idea how comfortable a home can be? 

Ask yourself these questions:  

Are there cool drafts from windows, doors, or some unknown place during winter time?  Are the floors a little too cold? 

During late Summer afternoons does the temperature spike in some rooms?  Are some rooms cooler than others?  Are some just unbearable?

Does your furnace or air conditioner cycle on and off repeatedly? Do you hear a booming sound when it comes on? Does the temperature fluctuate from an excess of conditioning to an uncomfortable lack of it? 

Are your registers excessively noisy when in operation?  Do they provide too much air to some rooms and not enough to others?  Do they blow air directly on you in certain areas of the house?  Does it seem like far too much air is blowing out in some areas and other areas are getting nothing?

A lot of people are resigned to the idea that they have to live with this sort of thing. Many think that’s “just the way the house is” and they don’t realize that something can actually be done to radically change how the system can perform in a quiet, balanced manner. 

We at Splinters Construction & Building Performance, Inc. have the capacity to uncover the truth about your home and its ability to transfer heat.  We understand the problems and can recommend strategies to solve them.  We then strive to create a healthy and comfortable living environment for you and your family.  And, as a bonus, you’ll most likely save money on your monthly utility bills. 

So, what are we looking for?   The short list: 

 - Poorly installed insulation or complete lack of it.                                                                                          - Leaky windows and doors, gaps in mouldings and flooring.                                                                                    - Unexpected interstitial spaces in the original building framing.                                                                              - Old (or even new!) HVAC equipment that is over-sized, poorly designed and delivers air through inefficient, leaky ductwork. 

These components (and others) interact together to create the unpredictable comfort issues in your home.  This analysis is the basis for whole-home energy retrofits… we look at every aspect of the building assembly and mechanical system(s) to address the multiplicity of deficiencies that add up to a wasteful, sick and uncomfortable home. 

How can we benefit you in this process?  Splinters Construction & Building Performance, Inc. has 28 years in the building trades.  We utilize Measured Home Performance, coupled with real knowledge of how a home is built now and how homes have been built through the ages, to diagnose the root causes of your comfort issues and provide the solutions that will take advantage of your home’s existing features, build upon them, and make it a more comfortable and a healthier place to be.  As a sidebar… we also do really pretty finish work. 

The bottom line is that you deserve the opportunity to be comfortable in every room of your house, at all times, regardless of the outside conditions.  You deserve the best work that you can get by people who deliver on their promises.  You deserve the knowledge that every dollar spent creates a maximum value investment.  You deserve people who care.

This is where our experience, competence, and dedication make the difference.

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