About Us

Who We Are

What makes Splinters Construction unique?  

We at Splinters Construction & Building Performance, Inc. have been in the building industry for the past 28 years, and each and every day we bring our past experience in renovation and historic preservation, our desire to implement the latest scientific building techniques to better diagnose the energy status of your home, and the personal care to listen to you and address your needs, to the workplace in order to provide you with a beautiful, comfortable and efficient home.  

At Splinters we have a corporate ethos of honesty.  We do not exaggerate our findings to scare you into purchasing our services.  We lay out the facts, and our efficiency work is measurable, repeatable and verifiable.  

We care about our clients.  We don’t limit ourselves to a narrow range of practices.  We will tailor our work to your needs.  

We work hard to get it right and are constantly trying to develop better techniques on the one hand, and codify the techniques that we are happy with on the other.  

We are not cheap in the short run.  In the long run, we are a bargain.  

We have integrity and stand behind our work.  We are proud of each and every member of our team.

We hold certifications from Build It Green, an organization dedicated to sustainable, efficient, and healthy home-building techniques, as a Certified Green Building Professional and as a Green-Point Advisor. We are also certified by the Building Performance Institute as both Analyst and Building Envelope Specialist, by the EPA as a Lead-Safe Contractor, and by Calcerts as a HERS (home efficiency rating system) Rater.

Please contact us for a free consultation regarding your home-building or comfort needs.